Athlete of the Month


Lauren Dam



Why you love training at coffs coast crossfit?

I love training at CCC for a couple of reasons. The people who train here plus the coaches are always so encouraging, supportive, positive and keep you pushing to your limits. It’s such a friendly & healthy environment that always makes you come back again the next day. Also, everyday is different which keeps you interested since it’s not repetitive or boring.

Funniest memory at the gym?

Probably getting pinned under the bar attempting a heavy clean that turned into a squat clean

Favourite crossfit exercise?

I like power cleans/squat cleans 🙃

Favourite crossfit workout ?

My favourite benchmark would be Diane or Grace

One of your biggest achievements in gym?

Finally being able to get bar muscle ups out on the last day of scoring the open 16.3 but all round probably my improved fitness

Proudest pb?

80kg clean

Worst crossfit experience?

Either the feeling after getting off an assault bike or ending up in the garden after a wod 😅

Peace out, Girl Scout ✌🏾️

Coaches comments:

Lauren dam

One word ENGINE!!!!!

Anything to do with long distance, this girl crushes. Lauren’s background before CrossFit was in the surf club and training for the Coolangatta gold. For those who don’t know what the Coolangatta gold is it consists of, it is a 14.6km ski paddle,2.1km run,2.5km swim,6.1km board paddle,7.1km run. Lauren took roughly 4 hours and 30 minutes to complete!!!! so now you understand why her engine is so big.

One memory that will always stand out with me is the 2016 CrossFit open. 16.3 consisted of a 7 min AMRAP -10 power snatches & 3 bar muscle ups. Lauren had never done a bar muscle up but in this workout she managed to complete not just one bar muscle up but multiple reps and with great form as well. I really was blown away.

I had the pleasure of having Lauren as my partner in Park Beach CrossFit’s Coastal Chaos pairs comp back in October. Loz stood out to the rest of the CrossFit community & did our box proud with her high standards of movement & ENGINE.

keep doing what your doing lozza your killing it

coach JB


Kieren Bellemore



Name Kieren Bellemore

Why Kieren is athlete of the month, Im a strong believer in consistency and I always say it. I see lots of people come through the gym but only a handful of people on the regular. Not one of them goes with out progressing and bettering themselves each time they step foot in the gym. There is no secrete recipe, only hard work. Those who push harder then the person next to them will experience success on many levels inside and outside the gym. Kieren is one of those people and its a pleasure coaching him. Kieren listens to what needs to be done and runs with it, thats what being an athlete is all about. He has come along way since first stepping foot in the box and I hope that he keeps up the hard work as it will only lead him to great things. – James –

Why you love training at Coffs Coast CrossFit? There’s nothing quite like training at this gym, whether it be the encouragement from fellow athletes or the awesome coaches in Jake, James and Deano mentoring and guiding you through every workout and movement. Its something special about finishing a workout which makes you feel so good, plus I love improving.

Funniest memory at the gym? Hahaha probably seeing Matty Newell throw up during a run, Stitch up.

Favourite CrossFit exercise? Cleans of any form

Favourite CrossFit workout? I love running so probably like a Helen

One of your biggest achievements in gym? Being able to lift more than my bodyweight and maybe getting a little more flexible than I was..

Proudest PB? 100kg squat clean

Worst CrossFit experience? After every WOD when there are finishes


Steph Kesby


Why I love training at Coffs Coast Crossfit?

Because of the team! They share the same excitement for my accomplishments. We have such a diverse group of members who support one another and dedicated coaches that provide a challenging and varied program. I’ve never been more motivated to turn up every day (except some Monday’s). I’m super proud to be a part of the Coffs Coast Crossfit team!

Funniest memory at the gym? We do laugh a lot at training…just the all-round every day banter

Favourite Crossfit exercise? Power cleans and dead lifts

Favourite Crossfit workout? I wouldn’t use the phrase ‘favourite’ but I don’t mind Helen

One of my biggest achievements? Beating Golden Boy AKA ‘GB’ (Peter Rann) for Athlete Of The Month!!

Proudest PB? 50kg power clean

Worst Crossfit experience? Last year fracturing my wrist doing my power clean PB


Luke Symons



Why you love training at Coffs Coast CrossFit? The atmosphere, awesome bunch of people that always help each other out and the coaches who put endless effort into helping everyone achieve there goals, shout out to Amanda the knew coach, congratulations!

Funniest memory at the gym? Hollie aka ‘lungs’, makes me laugh every morning class I’m in.

Favourite CrossFit exercise? Clean and jerk

Favourite CrossFit workout? Helen

One of your biggest achievements? I think starting CrossFit, the things I’m learning everyday here are so beneficial and make me feel 10x better technical wise

Proudest PB? I’d have to say the other weekend at the comp, hitting a 110kg clean was an awesome feeling

Worst CrossFit experience? The open 2015

Coaches Comments; Well deserved Luke. I have the privilege of training with Luke day in and day out. Jake has done an amazing job coaching Lukes movements and Luke has picked it up quicker then ever. Lets just say, all 18 year olds could take a leaf out of Luke’s book as far as being a dedicated athlete to all his sports, how Luke presents himself and acts around his friends, coaches and members. Luke has dialled in on his training. His before and after class extras have definitely started to show. Luke met another CrossFit teen athlete at the Empire Games Comp which we competed in last month. Luke’s friend is amongst the fittest teens in Australia. Luke didn’t look too far behind him, if anything out classed him with first class movement and extra points for it being his first Comp. Keep up the hard work Luke you definitely have a bright future and great leadership skills.


Annette Berry



Name Annette Berry

Why you love training at coffs coast crossfit? This is a hard question as I love a lot of things about training at our box, I like the friendly environment, the professionalism of the coaches and all their patience they have tying to coach me, the welcome feeling you get no matter what class you attend and the encouragement to receive from everyone.

Funniest memory at the gym? Trying to do a box jump and tripped, landed on the other side of box and still lost my balance and ended up rolling on the floor…

Favourite crossfit exercise? My favourite exercise is the split jerk.

Favourite crossfit workout? I don’t have a favourite, I suppose anything without purpess, they aren’t on my favourite list

One of your biggest achievements in gym? My improved health.

Proudest pb? Back squat 75kg, I just kept adding on weight and not counting what I was squatting, then I realised at the end that it was 75kg.

Worst CrossFit experience? Hurting my back doing a wall ball, had to have 2 weeks off to recover.

Coaches Comments

As a coach, my biggest belief to improving in CrossFit is consistency! I’ve witnessed this with Annette’s training. From the start until now, the improvements on her movements is really impressive. From snatches to burpees (Annette hates burpees haha) to jerks to double unders – each day Annette rocks up and works hard. The results are there to show. I will never forget the day she brought her son Josh to his first class and the look on his face when he actually saw what his mum was achieving made me extremely proud as a coach. Keep it up Annette I’m super proud to have you in the box and to see how far you have come x




Athlete of the month

Photography Leah Moore

Name Grazer
Why you love training at Coffs Coast CrossFit. Two dreamboat coaches
Funniest memory at the gym. Attempting the 2016 open after 3 weeks crossfit 😂😳👎🏻
Favourite CrossFit exercise. Snatchy
Favourite CrossFit workout. All & any of them
One of your biggest achievements Everything I am learning everyday about crossfit & now attending the level 1 trainers course
Proudest PB. Front Squat due to my shit shoulder mobility
Worst CrossFit experience. Catching my beard under the barbell on a push press return

Coaches Comments.

Well Deserved Graeme. First of all we all need to know that Graeme comes to the box at 3pm every day, he rows 35km just to warm up his beard. I can remember Graemes first day at Coffs Coast CrossFit. I was hit with THE BIGGEST challenge a coach could ever come across. The man could overhead squat perfectly then couldn’t work out how to front squat ??? Don’t ask how! 8 months down the track. Graeme is now one of our most consistent and talented athletes. With Graemes day in and day out training schedule its no wonder the man has turned in to a Rich Froning “look-a-like”. This Month Graeme has learnt how to string together bar muscle ups and turned his old 1rm back squat in to his new 5rm front squat. We are stoked to have Graeme apart of our community and even more excited to see what Graeme can achieve in another 6 months. Well done Graeme your a top bloke and now a box legend.