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Blog From our 6 week Challenge 

Jake and myself have talked to some of the women from our 6 week challenge, the feedback was extremely positive mostly including; How great they are feeling and how comfortable they are training along side 10-15 other people. I would like to give some information on how this Challenge fist come about.

“With todays gym culture being extremely terrifying to most Males and Females it makes it very hard to find somewhere comfortable to train and enjoy yourself. Trust us when we say “we have all been there before”. I think you may have all found out by now that Our gym is different. Different because we don’t Let measurements and mirrors be the judge of how we look and feel. I can honestly say this as a member and Gym owner that not one person from any session cares where your from, how you look or how long it takes you to finish a workout. I can tell you what they do care about, as we see this in every single class we coach. Caring members getting you to the end of the workout. That one workout you wouldn’t expect yourself to finish. That workout that is going to push you one step closer to your goals and desires. I bet you the first person to congratulate you on how far you have come or how great your looking will be the first person you see when you step through the doors of Coffs Coast CrossFit. Why? because the person that congratulates you has been in your shoes before. They to have been the last person to finish the workout. They to have been horrified of stepping foot in a gym full of amazing athletes and scary looking people. Most of all they know your showing up for the same reasons they are, to live a happier healthier life. So why wouldn’t they congratulate you and appreciate your dedication”

Over the 6 weeks we have learnt lots of new things and moved at speeds and directions we didn’t know were possible. We have learnt how to Lift “ HEAVY SHIT” safely and efficiently. Learnt how to be Olympic lifters, Climb and swing off bars like we used to do when we were kids. Run a million miles in short amounts of times. Complete 1000 repetitions in less then 60 seconds. All these activities only lead to one thing….. RESULTS. You can’t put a price on the feeling you get after completing a class.