Our Story

Here is where you can add a paragraph or two why someone would want to choose your box over the competition. Why do you do what you do? Tell your story.

 CrossFit has a magic way of drawing people in and keeping them for life. It sounds a little scary, but if you could find and enjoy something that strengthens you in day to day life while keeping you fit and healthy why wouldn’t you give it a go? What have you go to lose? You might have tried all the gyms and their classes and found that results seemed like they were impossible to achieve. Well we jam pack all styles of training into one program. In fact, the training has nothing to do with getting you to reach your goals, in a CrossFit Gym its the people that you are surrounded by and the strength of the community, people that care about you and you finishing your workout. The members push you and themselves well past the limits you thought you had. Jake and Myself are extremely proud of the community we have built up. Our members embrace new members every day of the week and I can’t fault how well they do it. The “no one gets left behind” attitude is much stronger then I ever intended it to be. Our members have made life long friends amongst each other and thats a powerful and a not so common thing these days. It makes us incredibly happy to know that our members are approachable and friendly people. All in that same race, the race to a healthier happier life style. It seems crazy to say that our classes are filled with fun and laughter, Everyone having the best time of their day. Why would you train before or after work if you were not in a fun environment? Thats the secrete ingredient to getting fast results you have to enjoy yourself and your training schedual. Our current members have finally found a hobby that they are most likely going to continue for their rest of their lives.
Coffs Coast Crossfit.
At the start of 2015 Coffs Coast Crossfit owners noticed the world of Crossfit was finally starting to boom and Australia was taking part in the movement.   Our Coaches spend countless hours working on the best Programs, we take extreme pride in our business and all it has to offer.  Our weeks are action packed and loads of fun.
 We are doing things differently as we are taking advantage of our own point of difference.
Come meet the team and we promise, you will never look back.
Jake & James